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Five Things School Counselors Have in Common with Superheroes

Five Things School Counselors Have in Common with Superheroes

I’ve got the power” – school counselors can sing this line because they’re superheroic. Whether you’re looking for online counseling service for district schools or in-person counselors, the professionals you’ll connect with are basically superheroes. They usually have to juggle multiple tasks to help improve their students’ careers and lives, which is quite similar to what superheroes do. Don’t believe it? Here are five things school counselors have in common with superheroes:

1- They can spot distress signals and address the underlying issues

Remember the Bat-Signal that the Gotham City Police uses to call Batman when the city is in distress? Though students may not always seek a counselor’s help, the latter can spot distress signals and offer it anyway. Thus, whether you’re feeling stressed due to an upcoming exam, had a fight with a friend, or face family crises like death, divorce, or illness, your counselor will lend you a sympathetic ear and help you address the underlying issue to overcome it.

2- They appear to use telepathy and mind-reading

If you’re a fan of He-Man, perhaps you also know about his twin-sister She-Ra, who has the power of telepathy to communicate with animals. School counselors often come across as mind readers, who seemingly have the power of telepathy to know what’s causing problems in your studies and career. Even when you fail to express your problem in words or don't choose to disclose it, they can somehow figure it out and offer you a solution. Perhaps that’s why there’s a growing demand for online counseling service for district schools.  

3- They have multiple identities and juggle multiple tasks

Clark Kent is not just our favorite Superman but is also a reporter at the Daily Planet. Bruce Banner is a scientist and also The Hulk. School counselors too have multiple identities as they help students with study skills, career guidance and exploration, choice of majors and colleges, and offer academic support along with support for stress, trauma, grief, etc. They also help students with anger/conflict management, organize career fairs and events, offer consultation for parents and teachers, and a lot more, akin to superheroes.

4- They fight the bad elements

Superheroes fight the bad guys. For school students, bad elements could be bullying, anger, stress, and depression, to name a few. School counselors act proactively to help students fight and overcome such feelings of despair and helplessness just like superheroes. Though they solve most of the issues that fall within their province on their own, they can sometimes involve others like the principal or a handful of teachers in case the situation demands it.

5- They are the positive forces

Superheroes are the beacon of hope and positivity and so are the school counselors. School counselors have a positive impact not just on the students but the whole school. They’re the leaders who lift your school climate up by offering career guidance to students, promoting student achievement, empowering the stakeholders, and giving a significant boost to the school’s culture.

Wrapping up

With online counseling service for district schools, you can benefit from the superheroic efforts of school counselors for sure.

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