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Virtual Counseling: Keep Students Engaged, Aligned & On Track

Virtual Counseling: Keep Students Engaged, Aligned & On Track

Just as the landscape of online learning has changed ever since COVID-19 struck, the domain of virtual career counseling services too has undergone significant changes. From helping students with their self-exploration to letting them evaluate different career paths and planning the right way, a lot has been handled by these virtual services. When you have an automated online tool for career planning, you can make the entire process faster and seamless as the users can make decisions on their own without waiting for a physical counselor to find time and work with them. 

If you’re considering using virtual and automated career counseling services, here’s how they can help the students stay engaged, aligned, and on track to achieve their career goals:

1- Help in self-exploration

Choosing a career path isn’t a random game. Students need to evaluate where their interests lie, what their passion is, what inherent skills they already have, what their aptitude is, what values drive them, and other key things that make them unique individuals.  A reliable online tool for career planning will often have multiple assessment tests based on unique logic, algorithm, and result scale to analyze every student’s response and present a consolidated overall result that can help determine the future course of action. For instance, the career counseling services of CounselHero make available top-level, automated, high-quality tests to find the test taker’s skill set capabilities, career interests, value perceptions, and personality traits. Taking these tests will help students to understand themselves better and pick suitable career paths. 

2- Evaluate different career paths

For a happy and successful life, an individual’s career needs to align with his or her academic and career ambitions as well as life goals. This means the chosen career path should align well with students’ inherent skills, aptitude, personality, values, and social perception, to name a few. It’s only when such alignment happens that a person can be happy and engaged in his or her career and thrive. By using suitable virtual career counseling services, knowing more about different career paths aligned with the assessment test results and evaluating them becomes easy. Since such choices are guided by science and technology, students can confidently pick their options. Whether they decide to go with the primary career suggested by the test results or opt for a career that’s included in the secondary list of potential careers to consider, they can be sure of putting their inherent skills and aptitude to good use and feel the journey and their effort worth it.      

3- Plan it all the right way

Once students have decided upon a career path, they’ll need careful planning to achieve their career goals. But this is easier said than done. From deciding which college or university they’ll go to and the courses they’ll take up to what their majors will be, how they’ll schedule their course load, and where they’ll get information like application process, eligibility, deadlines, etc., of scholarships, grants, and other financial aids, a lot needs to be researched and planned to the minutest of details. With their extensive libraries and resources that pack a lot of relevant and updated information, virtual career counseling services can make the entire process a breeze.

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