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What Are New Digital Career Counseling Solutions?

What Are New Digital Career Counseling Solutions?

Are you trying to choose a major? Do you need guidance for researching and choosing the most suitable career path that matches your aptitude and interests? Are you looking for an internship? Not sure what educational requirements you’ll need to land your dream job? If all these questions are on your mind, multiple digital career counseling solutions are available to you today, which you can use to find the answers. There’s no debate regarding the importance of counselors to guide students through academic hurdles and prepare them for a rewarding future. Yet, due to the scarcity of counselors in schools, one-on-one physical counseling sessions for every student are often not possible. That’s where digital counseling solutions can come in handy to fill the void. 

Here’s an overview of some key solutions that can help you decide what career path is right for you.

1- Tools for career exploration coaching & assessments

With technology-assisted career exploration coaching & assessments like those offered by CounselHero, you can get details about different careers, their requirements, the application process, and more. Additionally, automated career assessment tools can help you to judge what your aptitude, inherent skill sets, preferences, and value systems are, and to which courses they align well. Typically, such career counseling tests use different algorithms, logic, and result scales for automated assessment of students. Since multiple career counseling test results are integrated to give each student a unique result, choosing the right career path becomes easy for each student.

To avoid career indecision or switching careers mid-way, it always pays to know yourself better and evaluate which courses, colleges, or universities you should target that will nurture your inherent skills and encourage you to pursue something you’re passionate about. And with an automated career planning tool like CounselHero, you can do just that.

2- Career planning tools

To plan your career carefully, you’ll need to do some self-exploration and self-assessment at first. But that’s not all. Your next step is to research courses, decide your majors, choose your college or university, schedule the course load, check the cost of courses, find details of what financial aids you can get and their application process as well as the deadlines, among others. With a dependable automated career planning tool like CounselHero, you’ll get libraries packed with these and more relevant information as well as appropriate resources. This way, you’ll get all the information you need under the same roof, which will help you to make informed decisions speedily regarding your career path.

3- Tools for sharing, scheduling, and announcements

Counselors online often need to share important files and documents with their students or publish/distribute them. Scheduling and announcing workshops, special meetings, mentoring sessions, career fairs, and other events is another important requirement. Helping students and schools to organize and track student-counselor appointments and even keeping an eye on the deadlines for submission of applications for examinations, financial aids, etc., are equally vital requirements. Online career planning tools like CounselHero offer all these features to help students get effective and timely career counseling.

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