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Every student embarks on a unique path with CounselHero, designed to recognize individual dreams and aspirations. Through our detailed intake process, each journey is set on a solid foundation that assures personalized growth and success

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Every student's journey is a tale yet to be penned. At CounselHero, we co-author this story, ensuring each chapter resonates with purpose and passion. Early direction isn't just a choice; it's a cornerstone. And while life's passions might be diverse, the opportunity to chase them should be universal. Here, every dream finds a direction, every potential, a path.

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We Believe in Every Student's
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We're dedicated to discovering each student's unique 'Spike' and crafting an educational journey tailored to their aspirations and dreams.

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Class of 2023

CounselHero transformed my academic path. Their tailored approach and unwavering support gave me the confidence and tools to pursue my dreams with vigor. I can't thank my counselors enough!


Beyond Just Education

Michael Thompson Student, Class of 2022

I started with CounselHero hoping to improve my grades. What I got was a holistic educational journey that instilled in me values, resilience, and the importance of perseverance.


A Life-Changing Experience

Samantha Lee Student, Class of 2023

CounselHero transformed my academic path. Their tailored approach and unwavering support gave me the confidence and tools to pursue my dreams with vigor. I can't thank my counselors enough!


Finding the 'Spike'

Nathanial Brown Student, Class of 2023

CounselHero helped me discover my 'Spike' — my unique edge. It wasn't just about academics; it was about finding passion and turning it into tangible achievements.


Beyond Just Education

Michael Thompson Student, Class of 2022

I started with CounselHero hoping to improve my grades. What I got was a holistic educational journey that instilled in me values, resilience, and the importance of perseverance.


Trust and Dedication

Felicity Warren Parent of Ethan Warren, Class of 2024

Seeing my son grow and flourish under CounselHero's mentorship has been nothing short of astounding. The dedication they show to each student's success is commendable.


Finding the 'Spike'

Nathanial Brown Student, Class of 2023

CounselHero helped me discover my 'Spike' — my unique edge. It wasn't just about academics; it was about finding passion and turning it into tangible achievements.


counseling at Every Step

Olivia Martinez Parent of Sophia Martinez, Class of 2022

From the intake process to monthly reports, we were kept in the loop. This transparent and collaborative approach made all the difference in my daughter's academic journey.


A Community of Learners

Jacob Kim Student, Class of 2023

Beyond the lessons, CounselHero built a community. I found friends, mentors, and experiences that will stay with me long after my time here.


A Community of Learners

Jacob Kim Student, Class of 2023

Beyond the lessons, CounselHero built a community. I found friends, mentors, and experiences that will stay with me long after my time here.


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    Program Terms

    Welcome to CounselHero, where we are redefining the landscape of academic and college admissions counseling . In today's fast-evolving academic world, students need more than just grades to shine — they need direction, mentorship, and a clear pathway. That's where CounselHero steps in. Born from a passion for education and a vision for excellence, we've fused decades of expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver a platform that's as unique as the students we serve.

    Our approach is not just innovative—it's revolutionary. Rather than a one-size-fits-all model, we've crafted bespoke counseling programs that tap into each student's potential, aligning their passions, strengths, and dreams with the right academic avenues. Our platform, designed with the modern student in mind, is a digital nexus of resources, mentorship, and opportunities, ensuring that each participant receives individualized attention and tailored strategies. At CounselHero, we believe that every student is a story waiting to unfold, and our mission is to be the guiding hand that helps write those success stories. Join us, and let's co-author a journey of achievement and aspiration.

    At CounselHero, we recognize that each student's journey is unique, and so should be the counseling they receive. Our two tailored tracks, the Pioneers Track and the Learners Track, cater to the varied aspirations and needs of today's students.

    CounselHero Pioneers Track:

    Description: CounselHero Pioneers Track is a premium, intensive program designed for high-achieving students who aim for nothing less than the pinnacle of academic success. It offers a comprehensive package, encompassing everything from personalized mentorship to specialized counseling tailored to elite college admissions.

    Purpose and Objectives: The core purpose of CounselHero Pioneers Track is to harness a student's potential and channel it toward achieving acceptance into top-tier academic institutions. Our objective is to provide unparalleled support, ensuring that each participant emerges with a robust application profile, refined soft skills, and a portfolio of schools tailored to their aspirations.

    Target Audience: This track is best suited for ambitious students who are already excelling in their academic pursuits and are keen on gaining admission to the top colleges in the U.S.

    CounselHero Learners Track:

    Description: CounselHero Learners Track is a flexible program crafted for students who are keen on exploring varied academic avenues, finding their passion, and strengthening their overall profile. It offers counseling on college selection, application strategies, and skill development.

    Purpose and Objectives: The heart of CounselHero Learners Track lies in exploration and growth. It aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed academic decisions. By the end of the track, participants will have a clear understanding of their academic interests, a solid application strategy, and the tools to pursue their chosen path confidently.

    Target Audience: CounselHero Learners Track caters to a broad range of students, from those beginning to chart out their academic journey to those who are looking to refine their profiles for college admissions.

    Counseling tailored to perfection, CounselHero’s program mechanics are intricately designed to holistically navigate each segment of the student’s academic journey. The essence lies in our dynamic and evolving approach that shifts gears in alignment with each student's progression, timely needs, and specific nuances of that particular phase of their journey.

    Duration and Phases:

    Pioneers Track: Our Pioneers Track is an ongoing commitment designed to span over a year. It encompasses 40 intensive weeks of meetings coupled with unwavering 52-week tracking. The design of this track is evolutionary, calibrated to pivot and recalibrate based on each student’s progression and shifting academic requirements. The objective remains clear: to offer the most pertinent and impactful counseling at each stage.

    Learners Track: Echoing the ethos of continuity and adaptability, the Learners Track, while grounded in a year-long design, offers the elasticity of a month-to-month commitment. Each module and session within this track is thoughtfully devised to resonate with the student’s immediate needs and long-term aspirations.

    Both these tracks are not confined to a singular annual cycle. The contract renews annually, based on the continued interest and commitment from the student and their guardian. Our programs champion the philosophy of sustained engagement, underscoring the need for prolonged dedication to truly harness the benefits of CounselHero’s counseling ecosystem.

    Description of Services:

    Regular Counseling Sessions: Sessions are meticulously tailored, honing in on marrying students' innate strengths, aspirations, and academic pursuits with expert-driven strategies.

    Mentor Matching and Tracking: This isn’t about mere industry experts but about our CounselHero mentors. These mentors, chosen for their innate ability to connect, guide, and inspire, foster deep connections with students, motivating and navigating them throughout their journey.

    Career Counseling: Our approach transcends conventional bounds. Leveraging the power of data analytics via CounselHero's state-of-the-art software platform, we provide insights that resonate with global trends, market demands, and individual student profiles.

    Academic Counseling: This entails a detailed course planning, unveiling additional avenues for students to ascend their academic ladder, often offering them a unique edge over their peers. Whether it’s about choosing the right elective or embarking on a challenging project, we ensure our mentees are always a step ahead.

    College Application Counseling: More than just assistance, we provide a strategic blueprint—detailing college preferences, demystifying application intricacies, and charting out proven admission strategies.

    Scholarship Application: Beyond basic pointers, delve deep into a reservoir of scholarship insights, maximizing opportunities through adept application tactics and understanding the rhythm of scholarship cycles.

    Essay Writing Support: Transcending traditional tips, our counseling helps mold evocative essays and personal narratives that echo a student’s uniqueness while adhering to the tenets of compelling storytelling.

    Passion and Impact Projects: Rather than mere brainstorming, our sessions are workshops of ideation and execution, guiding students to birth projects that mirror their passions and leave an indelible mark on society.

    Collaborative Projects: Not just group tasks but a tapestry of multifaceted challenges, these projects foster team dynamics while anchoring diversified academic exploration.

    Regular Student Progress Reports: Not mere updates, but comprehensive academic chronicles—capturing milestones, hurdles, and areas awaiting exploration.

    Regular Parent Meetings: An avenue for synchronization, these meetings not only keep parents abreast but also entwine them into the academic tapestry we jointly weave for the student.

    Third-Party Services:

    Throughout the program, CounselHero might advise or suggest third-party services that are pivotal for realizing set objectives. We place trust in our parents/guardians to do their utmost in availing these advised services. While our programs encapsulate overarching counseling , they don’t incorporate specific services like tutoring, essay writing, SAT/ACT prep, among others. However, CounselHero can recommend trusted third-party partners or offer these for additional fees. For an integrated experience, parents are encouraged, though not obligated, to adhere to CounselHero's suggestions.


    Our methodology is a marriage of personalized counseling and cutting-edge technology. Utilizing our platform's data-centric prowess, we offer strategies uniquely crafted for each student. Whether it's a detailed academic pathway or leveraging AI for career predictions, CounselHero stands as the beacon of innovation and precision in counseling .

    Achieving the highest echelons of academic and extracurricular success demands more than just impeccable counseling —it necessitates an unwavering commitment from both students and their guardians. Here's a detailed look at what CounselHero anticipates from the two integral cogs in this journey:


    Consistent Support: Parents are urged to remain a steadfast pillar of support, bolstering their ward’s commitment and efforts throughout the program.

    Active Engagement in Meetings: While parents aren't expected to attend the regular student sessions, their active presence in all specifically scheduled parent meetings with CounselHero is vital. These meetings offer valuable insights into the student's progress, potential areas of improvement, and future plans.

    Financial Commitment: Punctual adherence to the financial aspects of the program, ensuring no interruptions in the service delivery.

    Collaborative Spirit: Actively collaborate with CounselHero's team, ensuring the child receives all the necessary resources, be it third-party services or specific academic tools recommended by the team.


    Proactive Participation: More than mere attendance, students are expected to immerse actively in all classes, sessions, and workshops.

    Timely Submissions: It's crucial that students submit 90% of all assignments, tasks, and projects punctually, while ensuring they reflect genuine effort and understanding.

    Regular Communication: Maintain an open and responsive channel of communication with mentors, signaling any challenges, clarifications, or concerns.

    Application Process Collaboration: Work hand in hand with CounselHero during college and scholarship application processes, adhering to all guidelines and recommendations put forth.

    Student Engagement during Sessions

    For the CounselHero program to unveil its full potential, student engagement needs to be optimal. Here's a succinct guideline:

    Optimal Environment: A serene, distraction-free zone is imperative for students to focus and absorb effectively during the sessions.

    Tech Specs: Using personal computers is non-negotiable, given that mobile phones or tablets might curtail the functionalities vital for the program's success.

    Visual and Vocal Engagement: With cameras persistently turned on, students are expected to be vocally active, pitching in discussions, and interacting both with mentors and peers.

    Sticking to these engagement protocols isn't merely procedural—it's intrinsically tied to the program's success. Any deviation could impact the program's overall objectives and, subsequently, the guarantees extended by CounselHero.

    Navigating the complexities of college applications demands more than ambition—it requires expertise, insights, and a steady guiding hand. At CounselHero, we stand committed, shoulder-to-shoulder, with every student on this transformative journey, and here's our pledge to each one we mentor:

    1- Guided Journey: We act as a compass, guiding students through the intricate academic landscape, ensuring their journey is not just successful but also enlightening. Every step, from understanding nuances to making informed college decisions, finds CounselHero by the student's side.

    2- Unique Propositions:

    Guaranteed Acceptance: This promise is deeply rooted in our strategic approach. We advise students to curate a well-rounded college application portfolio, consisting of a balanced mix of safety, match, and reach schools in line with their profile. To be precise, students must apply to at least 10 colleges: a minimum of 3 safety schools, 4 match schools, and 3 reach schools. CounselHero's validation of this portfolio is crucial, as is the student's dedication to fulfilling each college's specific application requirements.

    Guaranteed Financial Aid:

    For Pioneers Track Students: We guarantee a financial aid package that is at least 4x the total amount spent on any CounselHero products and services. If the cumulative financial aid from all accepted colleges falls short of this benchmark, CounselHero commits to covering the difference.

    For Learners Track Students: Our guarantee for these students stands at 2x the total expenditure on CounselHero products and services. Should the financial aid offered by the colleges be less than this amount, CounselHero will bridge the gap.

    Disclaimer: The multiplier guarantee specified (4x for Pioneers Track and 2x for Learners Track) is strictly confined to the amounts parents or guardians spend directly on the Pioneers Track or Learners Track services of CounselHero. This guarantee does not amalgamate with amounts spent on other CounselHero services or any 3rd party services that might be recommended or directed by CounselHero.

    Our commitment transcends mere college acceptance. We strive to ensure that students receive a considerable financial aid package. The cumulative financial aid package amounts from all colleges a student applies to and gets accepted in is considered, irrespective of the particular institution they finally opt for. This guarantees a more holistic financial approach, maximizing benefits for the student

    Robust Support System:

    Experienced Counselors: With a seasoned team of experts, we ensure each student benefits from counseling tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

    Access to Mentors: Going beyond the traditional, CounselHero fosters strong mentor-mentee relationships, ensuring deeper understanding and personalized counseling .

    Rich Application Resources: Students are armed with an arsenal of curated resources, amplifying their application strength and ensuring they present their best self in every submission.

    Students are armed with an arsenal of curated resources, amplifying their application strength and ensuring they present their best self in every submission.

    Confidence in our Approach:

    At CounselHero, our steadfast belief in the effectiveness of our services isn't mere rhetoric; it's borne from the consistent successes we've witnessed and the countless student journeys we've positively impacted. We are wholeheartedly confident in the quality of our service and the outcomes we project. We understand that every student's journey is unique, and while challenges are part of growth, with dedication and a methodical approach, the desired outcomes are attainable. When students, parents, and our team come together, working in sync, following the established plan, we have no doubt that the sky is the limit. Our commitment to filling potential gaps in financial aid is a testament to our confidence and the trust we place in our approach, our tools, and, most importantly, our students.

    At CounselHero, we recognize that the world of college admissions can be unpredictable, with various outcomes that might differ from anticipated results. Our commitment to our students extends beyond just preparation; it also encompasses providing solutions and protocols for specific situations.

    1- Not Gaining Admission:

    Situation: A student, despite our joint efforts, does not secure admission to any of the colleges from their approved portfolio.

    Protocol: CounselHero will conduct a detailed review of the entire application process to identify any potential areas of improvement. This includes reassessing essays, recommendations, and other application components. We will then provide additional counseling for future application cycles or alternative pathways.

    2- Not Achieving the Promised Financial Aid:

    Situation: A student does not secure the projected financial aid, based on the 4x (for Pioneers Track) or 2x (for Learners Track) benchmark of the total amount spent on CounselHero products and services.

    Protocol: CounselHero will cover the difference, ensuring that the student receives the amount initially promised. This is an affirmation of our commitment and confidence in our services.

    3- College Application Portfolio Divergence:

    Situation: A student wishes to apply to colleges outside of the approved portfolio or fails to apply to the minimum number of safety, match, and reach schools.

    Protocol: CounselHero will reiterate the importance of a balanced college application portfolio and may adjust the terms of the guarantee. Our goal remains to give students the best chance at success, and following the mutually agreed portfolio is pivotal.

    4- Exceptional Cases:

    Situation: This encompasses unforeseen circumstances, such as a student facing prolonged illness, personal tragedies, or other unexpected disruptions during the application process.

    Protocol: CounselHero believes in compassion and understanding. In such cases, we will work with the student and their family to adjust timelines, provide additional support, and potentially reconsider the terms of our agreements based on the unique situation.

    Our proactive approach to these potential scenarios underscores our dedication to transparency, fairness, and ensuring that every student we work with feels supported, every step of the way.

    In the multifaceted journey towards academic success and college admissions, CounselHero stands as a steadfast beacon of counseling , expertise, and unwavering support. Our core philosophy is centered around the holistic growth of every student, ensuring that they not only achieve academic milestones but also evolve into well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges of the future.

    Our commitment goes beyond promises; it's a manifestation of the countless hours, meticulous strategies, and heartfelt efforts we invest in each student's unique journey. We genuinely believe in the potential of every student and are confident in our ability to help unlock and nurture it.

    To the prospective students and their dedicated parents reading this: the path to achieving your academic dreams is laden with challenges, but with the right partner by your side, the journey becomes not only manageable but also deeply rewarding. We invite you to become a part of the CounselHero community, where aspirations are transformed into tangible successes.

    Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Welcome to CounselHero.

    The Pioneers Track is designed for students aiming for an in-depth, year-long commitment, encompassing 40 weeks of rigorous meetings. The Learners Track offers similar continuity but with the flexibility of a month-to-month commitment. Both tracks are crafted with the student's needs in mind but differ in intensity and focus.

    Each track comes with two distinct options: the individual and group tracks, each with its own pricing structure. For the group track, the cost is set at $199/month per student, whereas the individual track stands at $299/month. When opting for the Learners Track, parents have the flexibility of a month-to-month commitment, but should they choose to commit yearly, they can avail a 20% discount on the annual price. On the other hand, the Pioneers Track necessitates a yearly commitment, with no month-to-month option available. Nevertheless, parents have the opportunity to capitalize on CounselHero's accommodating payment alternatives when committing on an annual basis. Detailed arrangements can be further discussed with our admissions team.

    Our guaranteed acceptance clause ensures that students, upon following our counseling , will gain admission to at least one of the colleges they apply to. This requires students to apply to a diverse portfolio of colleges, consisting of safety, match, and reach schools.

    For the Pioneers Track, we guarantee 4x the total amount spent on any CounselHero products and services in financial aid. For the Learners Track, this guarantee is 2x. This encompasses the overall financial aid package from all colleges the student applied to and gained admission. If the total aid falls short of our promise, we will cover the difference.

    While the program fees cover the comprehensive services we offer, there might be occasions where we advise on third-party services to optimize the student's journey. These will come at an additional cost, and while it's recommended, parents have the discretion to decide on these services.

    While parents are encouraged to be involved, the regular counseling sessions are tailored for the students. However, there are designated meetings for parents to align and communicate with our team.

    At CounselHero, we believe that every deserving student should have the opportunity to benefit from our counseling , regardless of their financial circumstances. If you're facing financial constraints, we encourage you to reach out to our admissions team. We offer a range of financial assistance options, including scholarships, flexible payment plans, and reduced fees for eligible families. Our mission is to ensure that financial barriers do not stand in the way of a student's potential and aspirations. Your child's future is important to us, and we are committed to finding ways to make our program accessible to all.

    Our primary objective at CounselHero is to substantially increase the probability of college admission for every student. However, in the exceptional circumstance where a student doesn't secure an admission despite closely following our counseling , CounselHero will undertake a comprehensive research to delve into the reasons behind such an outcome. We will then engage in in-depth discussions with the student and parents, assessing the situation, evaluating possible oversights or external factors, and formulating a robust action plan to navigate forward. Rest assured, our commitment remains unwavering, and we will explore every avenue to ensure the student's success and parents’ satisfaction.

    We offer regular student progress reports and hold periodic parent meetings to keep you updated about your child's progress, challenges, and growth areas.

    For those on a month-to-month commitment, you have the flexibility to discontinue the service at any point. However, if you have committed to a yearly subscription, it is expected that you will continue receiving the service until the end of your contract term. While you do retain the right to cease receiving the service, CounselHero retains the right to secure the agreed-upon contract amount as stipulated in our agreement. The terms of engagement and potential exit options are thoroughly discussed during the admission phase. If you find yourself in a unique situation or have specific concerns, we recommend reaching out to our team for counseling .

    At CounselHero, our commitment goes beyond traditional counseling. We take pride in our innovative and holistic approach, ensuring every student's unique needs are met. Our track record, experienced mentors, data-driven methods, and commitment guarantees make us a preferred choice for many families. For any other questions, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to assist you every step of the way.