Frequently Asked Questions

CounselHero is the self-paced career & college counseling tool for students and educational institutions. Students can discover, pursue, and achieve different career paths by using CounselHero. If you're a school official, counselor, teacher, or principal, you can sign up and schedule a demo meeting before making your last decision. We believe you'll love CounselHero.

You or your children can sign up to the CounselHero Student version for free

CounselHero uses top-level, quality-proven assessment tests that show career interests, skill capabilities, and value perceptions. Each assessment test has a different logic, algorithm, and results that scale on their own.

In the US the average student/school counselor ratio is between 300/1 to 600/1. It's really vital to have better engagement opportunities with students for counselors. We built an online system where counselors can spend most of their time tracking the students’ progress instead of dealing with them with one-on-one sessions. CounselHero enables students to decide, pursue, and achieve a career path on their own.

CounselHero combines your Interests, values, skills and working styles assessment results and matches your qualities with each occupation's qualities. You can also see the extent of your matching results in terms of different qualities for each occupation.

CounselHero has 800+ occupations 200+ majors and 3000+ colleges in its directories. Each directory contains necessary information for you to consider as a path and get prepared.

CounselHero has general information, student clubs, scholarships, demographics, and the admittance rate of 3000+ colleges.

CounselHero directories have filtering options in many qualities so that you can select the most relevant paths for your future.

CounselHero makes the course planning process much easier for students and school counselors. Students can select relevant courses with their academic and career preferences from the CounselHero course planner feature.

Yes, you can sign up and use CounselHero for free.

You can use the help bar to reach out CounselHero team about a problem that you encounter while using the product. Your feedback is much appreciated to deliver a better product.

Yes, you can retake a CounselHero assessment test after 14 days. It's scientifically proven that there needs to be at least 2 weeks between trials for an assessment test to reflect you.

Yes, we update our directories each year with the most recent data available.