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10 Keys to Courageously Transform Your School

Schools are in desperate need of transformation. Schools needed help prior to the pandemic. Now that schools are shifting back and forth between in-person and virtual, transformation is key to survival. School transformation is not easy; it does not have to be complicated. In this talk, Jamal Maxsam will share 10 Keys to Courageously Transform Your School.

About Jamal Maxsam:

Jamal Maxsam is a friend and mentor to leaders. He helps small business owners move from scattered exhaustion to energized focus in leading their teams so they can once again feel invigorated while increasing the bottom line and morale simultaneously! Jamal helps them Lead Like A Champion!

He is known for his ability to plan strategically; helping leaders create action steps to accomplish their vision, develop their dream team, and unlock their authentic leadership.

Jamal obtained his first leadership role at the age of 16, managing a fast food restaurant, leading his peers as well as adults. His success continued as he opened a new location of a franchise recruiting and training team members which resulted in several awards for sales and performance.

Jamal shifted to education and continued to grow in the ability to develop people. He taught for 9 years then served as a school Principal. He has led a school with as many as 92 staff members, serving approximately 950 families. He also provided support to a school Principal at a school that served approximately 2,100 families.

In addition to running his business, Jamal serves on the board of directors for a non-profit organization.

Jamal lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife where they enjoy laughing and spending time together.