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Career Counseling for the 21st Century Using the Horizontal Industry Framework

The best counselors impact students’ development for years beyond their K12 encounters. With the right educational tools and the Horizontal Industry Framework, educators and counselors can enhance their career-readiness practices so that every student has access to learning on-ramps that meet ESSA requirements and match students to experiences allowing them to reach their aspirational career goals and live their dream life.

This session is designed to help you:
• update curriculum and expand the STEM framework to all courses (core, special, AP, and electives).
• identify thought partners, programs, and events that match career-readiness objectives and learning outcomes.
• comply with ESSA requirements and align experiences with students' interests.

About Dr. Kathleen Houlihan:

Dr. Kathleen (Kathy) Houlihan is the CEO & Founder of Dream2Career, LLC which is a social enterprise that works with schools, businesses, and workforce groups to connect, promote, and build synergistic relationships between workforce and education. She is the creator of the Horizontal Industry Framework, which is used on Dream2Career’s free digital platforms Edu-Advisor: The Ultimate Training Companion and Tiolita: Social Media for Jobs, Education, and Growth Opportunities.

Prior to starting Dream2Career, Kathy was a full-time marketing professor, a student advocate, and an enrollment director for three universities. She has served on various academic, financial, and policy boards in higher-ed and for over 20 years, her mission has been to help students find and prepare for dream careers.

Kathy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and an M.B.A. from Wilkes University and a Ph.D. in management information systems from Capella University. Her work-learn research is published in numerous scholarly journals and she has presented her findings and the HIF framework to academic and business communities across the nation.