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Leading Counseling Programs that are Student-Centered

Molly will share her path to education, counseling, and eventually becoming an Assistant Principal at a large public high school. She will discuss how School Counselors can also serve as leaders within their role to ensure that programs and services are student-centered and why this approach is key in creating equitable outcomes for students. As a leader and current public school administrator, Molly will share how she uses a student-centered approach every day in her work to transform the counseling department into having a comprehensive school counseling program and the positive shifts that have occurred in data and student/teacher/staff/family experience as a result.

About Molly Kiss:

Molly graduated from the University of San Francisco with her BA in Sociology and a minor in psychology. During her final year of undergraduate, she worked with Upward Bound, teaching SAT prep and counseling high school students who were the first generation in their families to go to college. This is where she discovered her passion for the field of counseling. She went on to get her MA in School Counseling and her Pupil Personnel Services Credential from the University of San Francisco. During graduate school she completed her internships with San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD), interning at a middle school and a high school. After completing graduate school, she worked for 1 year as a high school counselor split between two schools in SFUSD, one large and one small comprehensive high school, working primarily with at-risk 9th graders. She went on to become full time at the smaller comprehensive high school serving as a counselor for all grade levels and AVID students. During this time she served in a variety of leadership roles including providing district-level PD for counselors on best practices for counseling seniors, working to increase access to dual enrollment classes for historically underserved students, and organizing annual overnight college tours for AVID students. Her biggest passion in the work has always been supporting traditionally underserved students in the education system and ensuring access to all post-secondary options, which led to her pursuing her administrative services credential. She currently is serving as an Assistant Principal at a large comprehensive high school in San Francisco Unified.