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The 3 E's of Education- Experience, Emotion & Expertise

What is your story? What does one do when the diagnostician labels your seven-year-old son “The worst child is seen in twenty years of teaching?” IT would be easy to cave in and agree; after all, he was slow when speaking. He must not be very bright. Nevertheless, to concur leaves a child in the educational wilderness. Instead, the alternative was to challenge the system through agreement. My response has become my mantra: “If he is the worst kid ever, then do not expect him to learn like everyone else.” My story is about mindset, challenges, and overcoming in an educational setting. Stories allow us to create connections, inspire, shape us, and permit us to revisit views of the world. The results in this story were dramatic. They call into question our “Mindset,” our teaching methods, and expectations for those easily thrown aside. Stories are powerful.

About Lois Letchford:

Lois Letchford grew up reading words but failed to comprehend. Such experiences provided an empathetic background to specialize in teaching vulnerable students. She describes herself as “dyslexic.” Her son, Nicholas, became her first student after the school diagnostician described him as the “worst child I’ve seen in twenty years of teaching.” Those words gave Lois permission to “think outside the box.” She perceives reading instruction as a dynamic quest to meet the complex needs of students. Her goal is always to place students on a path to being “skilled readers.” Lois writes poetry, empowering her students to also see themselves as authors. Her students become active, involved learners ready to confidently re-enter the traditional classroom. Originally a physical education teacher, Lois completed a Master's in Literacy and Reading at SUNY, Albany. Lois presents her work at conferences around the world. Her first book is Reversed: A Memoir. She hosts a YouTube live series “When Learning is Trauma.”