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The Next: How to Better Foster Student Leadership within School Communities!

Curtis Cox will share his insight and experience on why helping students to become leaders is so critical to their long-term development. We will look at how our various education positions play a huge role in this topic. We will also cover strategies on how to be better leaders ourselves.

About Curtis Cox:

Curtis Cox has been a devoted advocate for education and personal development for almost 20 years. Curtis is born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Curtis graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2004 with a double major in Business Management and Black Studies.

Throughout his life, Curtis felt the need that everyone should have equitable opportunities to better their way of life. From that personal desire, Curtis became dedicated to empowering high school, college, and young adult individuals through his work for various non-profit organizations in his early career.

He recently launched his own career coaching platform, Curtis Careers, LLC where he is working with college students and emerging professionals to acquire the skills needed to maximize their goals.

Curtis' advising specialties include:

Job Search Techniques, Career and College Exploration, Self Assessments, Resume Writing, Personal Branding, Faith-Based Counseling, Social and Career Networking, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profile Development, Interview Prep and Methods, Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence